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7x7 The Rare Mod EP Collection Limited Edition Collectors Box Set

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Get all 7 Rare Mod 7"s for 34.99

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Steve Marriott's Moments EP
A.1 Money Money
A.2 Good Morning Blues

B.1 You Really Got Me
B.2 You'll Never Get Away From Me

The Fleur De Lys - 'The Two Sides Of...' EP

A.1. Gotta Get Enough Time (featuring Sharon Tandy)
A.2. Yeah, I Do Love You (featuring Sharon Tandy)

B.1. Wait For Me (produced by Jimmy Page)
B.2. Circles (live 1966)

The Muleskinners - 'Knockout R&B With...' EP

A.1. Need Your Lovin'
A.2. Backdoor Man

B.1. Why Don't You Write Back To Me
B.2. Untie Me

The Richard Kent Style - 'In Style With...' EP

A.1. I'm Out
A.2. You Can't Keep A Man Without Love

B.1. Marching Off To War
B.2. Just A Little Misunderstanding

Sharon Tandy - 'From Mexico With Love' EP

A.1. Walk From Here To Mexico
A.2. Somebody Speaks Your Name (demo)

B.1. Daughter Of The Sun (demo)
B.2. Roundabout

The Clique - The 64 Rave Up EP

A.1. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
A.2. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

B.1. Pretty Thing
B.2. She Ain't No Good

GRAHAM DEE - 'Hitsville EP'

A.1 A Love I Believe In - Maxine
A.2 Silent - James Patterson

B.1 This Old Heart Of Mine - Donnie Elbert
B.2 We Got Good Lovin' - The Fantastic

Comes with a 20 pages booklet.

Steve Marriott' Moment EP released as AJX210S in 2008.
The Two Sides Of The Fleur De Lys released as released as AJX225S in 2009.
Knockout R&B With The Muleskinners released as AJX235S in 2010.
In Style With The Richard Kent Style EP released as AJX244S in 2010.
From Mexico With Love released as AJX256S in 2011.
The 64 Rave Up EP released as AJX261S in 2011.
Graham Dee's Hitsville London released later as AJX271S in 2012.