• Image of Corduroy - London England Live Album (LP or CD)

Amidst the exaggerated swagger of ‘Lad-Rock’ and the self-conscious ‘Brit-Pop’ excesses of the mid-nineteen nineties, the NME Reader’s ‘Best Live Act’ awards, placed an Acid Jazz combo, Corduroy, amongst its top five - not bad for a band of who’s stage set largely consisted of instrumentals.

Capturing the adrenaline and audacity of a band clearly enjoying the party; these tracks are a memorial to the giddy Acid Jazz years (bum notes and all), and the place where it all started - London England. You are invited!

Track Listing

1. E-Type
2. The Frightners
3. High Havoc
4. Something In My Eye
5. Chow Down
6. Clockwork Man
7. Skirt Alert
8. London England
9. Corduroy Orgasm Club
10. Motorhead

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