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5 Rare Mod EPs for £14.99

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Special offer includes;

The Muleskinners - 'Knockout R&B With...'

Track Listing:

A.1. Need Your Lovin'
A.2. Backdoor Man

B.1. Why Don't You Write Back To Me
B.2. Untie Me

John's Children ft. Marc Bolan - The Smashed! Blocked! EP

Track Listing:

A.1. Desdemona ('Why Do You Have To Speak')
A.2. Midsummers Night's Scene (Alternate Mix)

B.1. Smashed! Blocked!
B.2. Sara, Crazy Child (German Single Version)

Dave Anthony's Moods - The New Directions EP

Track Listing:

A.1. New Directions
A.2. Give It A Chance

B.1. My Baby
B.2. Fading Away

The Fleur De Lys - 'The Two Sides Of...'

Track Listing:

A.1. Gotta Get Enough Time (featuring Sharon Tandy)
A.2. Yeah, I Do Love You (featuring Sharon Tandy)

B.1. Wait For Me (produced by Jimmy Page)
B.2. Circles (live 1966)

The Riot Squad - 'The Toy Soldier EP' ft David Bowie.

Track Listing:

1. Toy Soldier
2. Little Boy Blue
3. I'm Waiting For My Man
4. Silver Treetop School For Boys