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Corduroy - High Havoc (Gold vinyl)


High Havoc is the second album by the Fabric Four, Corduroy. It expanded their soundtrack influenced sound with the addition of tight brass let orchestrations.
The album features many of their best loved tracks including the iconic London England, the live favourite Very Yeah and the Curtis Mayfield influence The Frighteners.
Available on vinyl for the first time in two decades, it comes pressed on shiny gold, re-mastered from the original tapes. The perfect companion to the comeback album Return of The Fabric Four which was released this year.

1.High Havoc
2.London England
3.The Corduroy Orgasm Club
4.The Frighteners
5.You’re A Great Way To Fly
6.Something In My Eye
7.Lovely, Lonely and Loaded
8.Breakfast In Love
9.One Born Every Minute
10.Follow That Arab
11.Nobody Move
12.Very Yeah
13.Clearing Up Music