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Corduroy - Out Of Here (Blue vinyl)


Corduroy’s third album Out Of Here updated their sound taking in 1970 influences that would later be defined at yacht rock. The Iconic cover with the band about to take off in a bubble fronted helicopter the album shows the band at the height of their powers.
The track features the top 75 hit, Mini, the anthemic tribute to Japanese jazz star Monday Michiru Don’t Wait For Monday & their reverent cover of Motorhead.
Available on vinyl for the first time in two decades, it comes pressed on shiny blue, re-mastered from the original tapes. The perfect companion to the comeback album Return of The Fabric Four which was released this year.

1.Don’t Wait For Monday
2.Practice What You Preach
3.Red Mercury
4.End Of The Rainbow
5.Out Of Here
6.The Diceman
7.Magic Carpet
8.January Woman
10.Along The Rooftops
11.Aryton Senna