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Dexters - 'Shimmer Gold' (LP or CD)


Debut album from Dexters, 2014.

'This lot are a born-and-bred east London, but sound wise are as far away from 'east London' as is physically possible: they deal in svelte, high energy guitar anthems'

NME Magazine

'A hard working and ambitious band with a focus on big sing alongs that will doubtlessly be bouyed by the ever-rising tide of British guitar music'

Music week Magazine

Track Listing:

1. Cloudfest
2. They're Blind
3. Recover
4. Start to Run
5. Never A Right Time
6. The Hard Way
7. Worth Your While
8. Oceans
9. Shimmer Gold
10. Can't Sleep
11. Shimmer Forever

2014. Acid Jazz Records.