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Dexters - We Paid For Blood - CD or LP


The second album from Dexters is available now on CD

""Fizzes with energy, ideas and focused rage, delivered with the vigour
of a drunken Slaves and a Ray Davies-like enthusiasm for the capital's
seedier side" Q Magazine (****)

The album is released September 25th.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. The Wolves
3. Stay Strange
4. Suburban Sex Dungeon
5. Your Lovely Wife
6. These Nights Were Made For Us
7. Borderline
8. We Paid For Blood
9. Heaven
10. Her Disappearing Act
11. Braggarts Regatta
12. You Deserve The World

Pre-Order now through iTunes & get track 4 instantly! - http://geni.us/DextersPaidForBlood