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EP Choice 2 - CD

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This CD album is the second instalment of the ‘best of’ series from Rare Mod series of EPs filled with rare & obscure mod-friendly grooves from the 1960s. Some overlooked, some never released in the first place – and some possibly both.

The album contains something for everyone, everything from psych and freakbeat through to dance floor soul!

Track listing:

1. Holding On (With Both Hands) – Geno Washington
2. Soul Sister, Brown Sugar – Jimmy James and The Vagabonds
3. She’s Got the Time – The Aphex
4. I’m Waiting for My Man – The Riot Squad
5. Rock My Plimsoul – The Ossie Layne Show
6. New Directions – Dave Anthony’s Moods
7. Smashed! Blocked! – John’s Children
8. She’s Looking Good – Jimmy James and The Vagabonds
9. Midnight Hour – The Ossie Layne Show
10. Fading Away – Dave Anthony’s Moods
11. Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Geno Washington
12. Toy Soldier – The Riot Squad
13. Desdemona (‘Why Do You Have to Speak’) – John’s Children
14. Too Many Things – The Aphex
15. Sing a Simple Song – The Ossie Layne Show
16. Aunt Dora’s Soul Shack – Jimmy James and The Vagabonds
17. Michael (The Lover) – Geno Washington
18. Give It a Chance Tim Large (Maribus) – Dave Anthony’s Moods
19. Silly Boy Blue – The Riot Squad
20. Midsummer Night’s Scene (Alternate Mix) – John’s Children
21. Can’t Be So Bad/Fresh Garbage – The Ossie Layne Show
22. Why (Must I) – Jimmy James and The Vagabonds
23. My Baby – Dave Anthony’s Moods
24. Hi Heel Sneakers – Geno Washington
25. Sara, Crazy Child (German Single Version) – John’s Children
26. Silver Treetop School for Boys – The Riot Squad
27. Never Knew Love Was Like This – The Aphex

Released 30/10/2015 - Acid Jazz Records

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