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Ferry Djimmy - Rhythm Revolution (Red Vinyl LP)


Following the release of the limited edition gatefold edition last summer, Ferry Djimmy's obscure afro masterpiece 'Rhythm Revolution' sees its original-form reissue for the first time on 20 January. Number 2 among Rough Trade's 'Reissues of the Year' for 2022, this edition is pressed on red vinyl. The album was originally recorded in the mid-1970s in support of Benin's revolutionary leader Mathieu Kérékou. Rumour has it that less than two hundred copies survived a late-'70s fire. It is one of the toughest and deepest slices of African funk ever cut, combining raw African rhythms with distortion, energy and wit. In spite of obvious nods to James Brown, Fela Kuti, George Clinton and Jimi Hendrix, Ferry managed to create something very unique.


A1. Be Free
A2. Atakpa DC9
A3. When I Come In The Road
A4. Brest DC10
B1. Yong Revolution
B2. Carry Me Blak
B3. Atinga
B4. Ichango

Released on 20th January 2023.