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John's Children ft. Marc Bolan - The Smashed! Blocked! EP 7"

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John's Children - The Smashed! Blocked! EP featuring Marc Bolan.

John’s Children hail from Surrey and are best known for their association with Marc Bolan who seized the opportunity to join them whilst on his crusade for fame and fortune. So many tales surround this band, from owning their own night club to driving around in what was supposedly Al Capone’s limousine whilst being escorted to gigs by the Dorking Chapter of the Hell’s Angels. One thing is for certain, John’s Children are one of the few bands that could boast that they could ‘out-Who’ The Who onstage. Packed off on a seven-date tour of Germany with The Who, Townsend, Daltrey and company may have played loud, trashed amplifiers, microphone stands and drum kits, but they weren’t prepared for John’s Children’s experience in stealing shows.

Track List:

A1. Desdemona ('Why Do You Have To Speak')

A2. Midsummers Night's Scene (Alternate Mix)

B1. Smashed! Blocked!

B2. Sara, Crazy Child (German Single Version)