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Mark Morriss - A Flash Of Darkness CD


Mark Morriss - A Flash Of Darkness

'Bluetones frontman is a soloist of the highest order'

Guardian Music

'A flash of darkness makes its presence felt immediately, though, with the Morricone whistling and tolling bells of the title track, with its faux mariachi rhythms sounding like '70's excotica gone south of the border, the album is full of imaginatively arranged big tunes'

MOJO Magazine

Track listing:

1. A Flash Of Darkness
2. Consuela
3. Guilty Again
4. It's Hard To Be Good All The Time
5. Pink Bullets
6. Low Company
7. Life Without F(r)iction
8. This Is The Lie
9. Space Cadet
10. Nightcall
11. Sleep Song

Artwork by Kim Onyskiw

Also available from iTunes