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Matt Berry - 'Kill The Wolf' CD (10th Anniversary Edition)


Kill The Wolf At Ten.

June 2013 saw Matt Berry release his second album on Acid Jazz. ‘Kill The Wolf’ developed the sounds that had enthralled from his label-debut ‘Witchazel’, and added elements of progressive music, ‘70s pop and psychedelic experimentation to give us a critically acclaimed album. It marked Matt out as a true musician.

It included tracks such as ‘Gather Up’ and ‘Medicine’ that rapidly became fan favourites, when alongside his band The Maypoles he toured later in the year. In the extended ‘Solstice’ he had an unexpected Radio hit as it was championed on BBC 6Music.

The original release plan saw a short run of a direct-to-consumer box-set, pressed in a run of 300 copies that has inevitably become a sought after rarity since, with none of the extra music that was included being available anywhere else since.

This unique CD edition will include all of the tracks from the original album, followed by the tracks from the original ‘Wolf Out-Takes’ CD. It is the first time that the bonus tracks have appeared outside of the box set that now sells for many hundreds of pounds. The CD is manufactured in a tactile soft-pack sleeve.

Kill The Wolf Tenth Anniversary CD Edition

1. Gather Up

2. Devil Inside Me

3. Fallen Angel

4. Medicine

5. Wolf Quartet*

6. Solstice

7. October Sun

8. The Signs

9. Knock Knock

10. Bonfire

11. Village Dance

12. Farewell Summer Sun

13. The Dawn

14. You That I See

15. Fire Chant

16. Food Chain Blues

17. Early Knock

18. October

19. To The Floor

20. Sea Chant

21. Devil Inside Me (Walk With Samuel)

22. Honky Knock

23. Venison Sketch

24. Wolf Quartet (‘original’ mix)