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Matt Berry & The Maypoles Live - Cassette Tape *Exclusive to Acid Jazz Records*

£7.50 / Sold Out

This cassette tape is exclusively available on the Acid Jazz Store ONLY, but will also be made available on the bands' 2015 December tour.

Acid Jazz proudly present to you on cassette tape format "Matt Berry & The Maypoles Live" - a live collection of Matt's greatest live performances. White cassette tape in a white cassette case.

Track Listing:

1. The Innkeeper's Song
2. So Low
3. October Sun
4. Take My Hand
5. Sorry (Theme From)
6. Solstice
7. Snuff Box
8. Song For Rosie
9. Medicine
10. Devil Inside Me
12. The Pheasant

Please note that this is a pre-order. Your order will be shipped to you several days ahead of the release date of 20/11/2015.