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Matt Berry - Witchazel (Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl)

£19.00 / Sold Out

We're repressing Matt Berry's magnificent album 'Witchazel' on limited edition yellow vinyl as part of our 30th anniversary celebration. The album features the ever popular Toast Of London theme tune 'Take My Hand'.

1. An Awakening
2. Take My Hand
3. Accident At A Harvest Festival
4. A Song For Rosie
5. So Low
6. Look In My Book
7. The Pheasant
8. Woman
9. The Badger's Wake
10. Rain Came Down
11. From The Manger To The Mortuary
12. Into The Sky
13. Roosting Time

"The music is ambitious and compelling" - Uncut

"Witchazel is enchanting" - The Guardian

Released 7th September 2018