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Family Tree Featuring Sharon Brown - Family Tree 7" Single

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July 26th sees the timely reissue of the OST Recordings 7-inch of Family Tree’s rare groove dance Family Tree.

This mid-70s recording by the group Family Tree, was made on a tour and sneaked out on the tiny Ananda label probably without singer and group leader Sharon Brown’s permission.

In the intervening years it became a UK club floor filler and a firm favourite of DJ Norman ‘Fatboy Slim’ Cook.

OST - a legal re-edits label, was the brainchild of Frank Tope, Dean Marsh, Bruce Sandell and Dean Rudland - tracked down Sharon, and released it on 12 inch, with a remix by Norman and on 7Inch with a bonus beats remix created by Tope & Rudland.

With both long deleted and OST now operating out of Acid Jazz towers, we have decided to bring the 7 inch back to life, whilst Norman’s big beat work-out is now available digitally.