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Rare Mod Volume 4 - Various Artists CD

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AJX320 - RARE MOD VOL. 4 - 'Various Artists'

Mod, you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it! Whilst this extraordinarily resilient youth culture continues to defy the natural laws of science and quietly die, unnoticed in some dingy corner of a Soho alley, it is again reborn. Embraced by a new generation of Britons from Bradley Wiggins to Miles Kane, the tabloids lead the way in mod hysteria over the summer – the thirst for original mod iconography, history and music has never been greater. Acid Jazz records prepare for the release of their forth installment of the evergreen RARE MOD series… compilations that were crafted with care...

Track Listing:

1. Dog Soul - Big Bird
2. All Night Workers - Tell Daddy
3. Gary Farr And The T-Bones - Togehter Forver
4. The Unknown Mod Girl - Coming Home Baby
5. Mountain Men - Too Many People Around
6. Syd's Crowd - Times Are Good Babe
7. Row Boat - Me And My Baby
8. The Artwoods - Hoochie Coochie Man
9. Syd's Crowd - Road Runner
10. The Unknown Mod Band - Hey Gyp
11. All Night Workers - Rock Is Here To Stay
12. Perfumed Garden - Cover Girl
13. The Wild Ones - The Thinking Kind
14. Virgin Sleep - Arthur
15. Row Boat - I Watch From Afar
16. Tomorrow's Children - LSD

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