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Rare Mod Volume 6 - CD or LP


Here lies the last EVER Rare Mod compilation. Rare Mod 6.

The golden rarities of the swinging sixties, lost to generations in the dusty storerooms of antiquity, recently discovered on acetate & 1/4 inch tape; so... ladies & gentlemen of the Mod persuasion... we proudly present Rare Mod 6.

Side A:

1. The Penny Blacks - I'm coming home to you

2. Blinkers - Hello Blinkers

3. Denis Lotis - The Finger point at you

4. The Koobas - Money Go Round

5. The Montanas - Miss McKenzie

6. The Roacoe James Good Good Band - Out of sight

Side B:

1. The Ossie Layne Show - Higher and Higher

2. Paul West and Compass - Hey You

3. The Storytellers - Just A friend

4. The Montanas - (I've been) Lonely too long

5. Sharon Tandy - The Spell of your love (Demo)

6. The Max - Maharajah

7. The Society - Lonely Journey

8. Tony Rivers - Tomorrows Children

9. Mr Hip Soul - Hold On I'm coming

Released: August 21st. All pre-orders will be shipped so they arrive to you on this day.