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Smoove - Gravy (CD)


SMOOVE - 'Gravy'

Track Listing:

1. I’m A Man feat. Dan Roberts
2. Looking Up Looking In (Smoove’s Deep Down Remix) feat. Andy Lewis
3. Left Right & Centre (Smoove’s Back Room Remix) feat. Lord Large and Dean Parrish
4. As If (Smoove’s Latin Remix)
5. Can I Be Your Man (Smoove’s Jazz Remix) feat Jinrai
6. All This Love That I’m Giving (Smoove’s Space Monkey Remix) (feat Mary Awere)
7. Love In The Making (Smoove’s Dope Dub Remix) feat. Rose Windross
8. Tired Feet
9. Rejoice In Righteousness (Smoove’s Nu Jazz Remix) feat. Bukky Leo Quintet and Darren “The Sax Machine” Grainger
10. Love Is Alive In My Heart (Smoove’s Beautiful Remix) feat. Andy Lewis and Keni Burke

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