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Special Rare Mod CD Offer: 3 CDs For £10.00


A lot of people were saying that they love our vinyl offers but we don't do any CD offers so here we go.

Get these 3 CD albums all for £10.00

This includes;

The Fleur De Lys - You've Got To Earn It
Track Listing:

1. Hold On
2. Mud In Your Eye
3. Circles
4. So Come On
5. Daughter Of The Sun
6. Liar
7. Love Them All
8. You've Got To Earn It
9. Tick Tock
10. The Bitter With The Sweet
11. Brick By Brick
12. Wait For Me
13. Two Can Make It Together
14. I Forgive You
15. Stop Crossing The Bridge
16. Gotta Get Enough Time
17. I've Been Trying
18. Gong With The Luminous Nose

Satisfaction - Three Ages Of Man
Track listing:

1. My Fixation
2. Don’t Turn Away
3. House Of The Rising Sun
4. Three Ages Of Man
5. Don’t Rag The Lady
6. One Man Band
7. Liar Liar
8. Hotel
9. My Fixation – Reprise

Carl Douglas - Crazy Feeling
Track listing:

1. Something For Nothing
2. You Don't Know Like I Know
3. Crazy Feeling
4. I Who Have Nothing
5. Let The Birds Sing
6. You Are The One I Love
7. Mr Pitiful
8. Going Out Of My Mind
9. Keep It To Myself
10. In The Midnight Hour
11. Pain In My Heart
12. Why Hurt