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Swinging Japan Compilation Album - CD/LP/DVD Bundle

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Swinging Japan - Compilation Album - LP or CD and bundle option

Released on 06.04.15.

Acid Jazz are proud to bring you this compilation album which features some of Japans’ finest Neo-Mod and “J-Mod” bands on one compilation.

These tracks have been specially selected by Acid Jazz who ventured to find music to excite the modern listener. This venture led to the discovery of the following collection of songs and the overall discovery of Japan’s uber-hip Neo-Mods, music and fashions which aren’t constricted by the self-conscious rules and restraints upon which cliquey European modernists constantly insist.

What “Swinging Japan” delivers is a 14-track compilation of raw and energetic garage tracks, plus jazzy, groovy, psychedelic tunes that have been specially se-lected to be part of this compilation.

Think of this album as a trip to Kingslow 1969, Carnaby Street circa 1970, with a re-turn flight to modern day Tokyo!

Track Listing:

1. Six - 6

2. The Marquee – Turn Me On

3. The Furs – Free Man

4. The Scarletts – Scarlet Eyes

5. The Bergamots – Tell Me Now

6. The Absolude – Band Wagon

7. Shotgun Runners – Come On

8. Les Cappuccinno – Blow Up!

9. The Hair – Weekend

10. Soul Mission – Groovy Foundation

11. The Crawlin’ Kingsnakes – Boogaloo Twiggy (Do The Twiggy pt.2)

12. The Tramp – Boy & Girl

13. Sandiest – Keep Running From Reality

14. Six - GPBB