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Twisted Tongue - A Return To Space (LP or CD)


Twisted Tongue - 'A Return To Space'

"Part Prince, part Gnarls Barkley, part Bugz in the Attic, grooves don't come much thicker or smoother than this. A perfect sun-drenched festival soundtrack." – iDJ Magazine

"There is a persistent aroma of groove to Twisted Tongue." – The Guardian

”A slice of liquid funk blending the languid propulsion of Sly Stone, the inventiveness of Prince… and a cheeky attitude to the deracinated state of modern dance-pop.” The Independent

Track Listing:

1. Bury The Living
2. Mindbeam (Part 3)
3. I've Seen Better Days
4. Hold Em Down
5. A Return To Space
6. Nimele Bolo
7. The Full Sentence
8. The Audience
9. A Return To Space (Blue States Remix)

Also available for purchase from iTunes