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Dicky Continental - Un... (CD) (pre-order)



Red Snapper co-founder and drummer Rich Thair to release a solo album on Acid Jazz, under the name Dicky Continental. 'Un...' out 7 April, 2023 on LP/CD.

'Un...' was recorded, mixed and produced by Rich in his Welsh Studio. Un, Welsh for 'one', features 11 tracks which all fell together in the right shape. Often the first, simple ideas were the best and weren't overthought or convoluted.

'Make Them Disappear' features the soulful vocals of Jo Sims. Rich and Jo have been friends since the 90s' London Club scene - Rich sent the instrumentals, and the vocals Jo came back with were exactly what he was after!

'Un...' is about moods and atmospheres, edges and angles, light and darkness. Downbeat soul to take you on your own journey.

Released on 7th April 2023.